Aquaskin 9 in 1 Aqua Peel Spa Hydro Peeling Beauty Machine

/Aquaskin 9 in 1 Aqua Peel Spa Hydro Peeling Beauty Machine
  • Aquaskin 9 in 1 Aqua Peel Spa Hydro Peeling Beauty Machine
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  • Aquaskin 9 in 1 Aqua Peel Spa Hydro Peeling Beauty Machine BLS1337, Korean 9 in 1 Multifunction Facial Cleaning Aqua Skin Care Skin Energy Activated Device, Multionfunctional Skin Care Facial Deep Cleaning Cooling Aqua Skin Smart Instrument, Wrinkle Remover Whitening Acne Treatment Korean Beauty Device, 9 in 1 Oxygen Facial Machines Dermabrasion Machine China Supplier

    Aquaskin 9 in 1 Aqua Peel Spa Hydro Peeling Beauty Machine Part No. BLS1337


    Operating Language

    English /Chinese/Korean ( Languages as option )

    Control System

    10.2 “TFT color touch screen




    1) Cool and warm hammer 2) Radio Frequency  3) Micro-current 4) Nutrition sprayer 5) Ultrasonic 6) Oxygen injection

    Vacuum Power

    1 bar Max

    Oxygen jet vacuum

    0-8 bar

    Max Output

    350 VA


    Hot & Cold Hammer * 1 pcs

    Conductive rod*1 pcs

    Micro-current clip stick *1 pcs

    Galvanic roller*1 pcs

    Skin scrubber*1 pcs

    Eyes Sonic* 1 pcs

    Eyes RF*1 pcs

    Face Sonic  *1 pcs

    Oxygen sprayer*1 pcs

    Micro current clip *1 pcs

    Working Power

    Hot & Cold Hammer(40W) ,

    Skin scrubber(23W)

    Eyes Sonic(3-5W),Eyes RF*(15W),

    Face Sonic (34),Oxygen sprayer (27W)

    Micro current clip(21W)


    100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

    Packing Size





    1Year / 12 Months

    Payment Condition Full Payment or 30% Deposit,70% before delivery
    Packaging Neutral Carton or Wooden Case. Inside: Foam
    Shipment By Sea, Air or Express delivery
    Technical Support Bellezastars
    Warranty 12 months. Any problems during warranty period, we will provide component replacement.

    1.Led hot /cold hammer
    2.Conductive rod
    3.Micro-current clip stick
    4.Galvanic roller
    5.Skin scrubber
    6.Face ultrasonic handle
    7.Body ultrasonic handle
    8.Nutrition sprayer

    Working principle:

    Skin Energy Activated Instrument by the Germany the latest trans dermal technology developed by using micro-electrical pulse, the
    carrier radio frequency, bipolar radio frequency, ultra-low temperature micro-four functions of eye surgery, and by mechanical
    therapy, pressure therapy, hyperthermia, magnetic four physical therapy after a comprehensive eye relief and repair. Waking the
    eye cells completely, recombinant fiber eye disorders, effective export pigmentation, dry skin of the eye to aging, a variety of
    bags under the eyes, swelling and dark circles, clouds bloodshot eye completely repaired, but also your charming face and eyes. Aquaskin 9 in 1 Salon Use Hydro Facial Aqua Peel Spa Beauty Machine

    1.Micro-current clip stick Anti-wrinkle, face-lift, Face lifting, Remove under-eye puffiness and black eye.
    2.LED hot /cold hammer Heat /Cold treatment promotes skin absorption of nutrients,cold hammer is good for postoperative repair .
    3.Skin Scrubber Skin exfoliating to make skin delicate and elastic .Regular exfoliating and messaging Can
    help tone and firm the skin
    4.Facial Galvanic roller Promote blood circulation, increase cell metabolism and activate enzymes.
    improves the quality and firmness of skin.
    5.Facial magnetic stone handle promotes skin absorption of nutrients
    6.Body ultrasonic handle Body shaping /slimming. It helps to eliminate stretch marks
    7.Nutrition sprayer: Moisturize skin and whiten skin
    8.Crocodile Clips : skin absorption promote cell regeneration and accelerate blood circulation and metabolism .slow down aging skin

    1. Hydro-dermabrasion,applicable to regular or sensitive skin, Or skin with whelk, comedo, acne, etc.
    2. Cleaning&washing, deep cleaning, clear skin statum rheum, minimally invasive scar, and clearing blackhead, remove deep skin dirt.
    3. Effective and direct moistening, supply sufficient water molecules to skin while cleaning. Korean 9 in 1 Multifunction Facial Cleaning Aqua Skin Care Skin Energy Activated Device
    4. Used the skin care products to achieve a large variety of treatment aims like wrinkle/pigmentation removal, skin lightening and whitening.

    1. Increase absorption
    2. Promotes skin regeneration
    3. Anti- pigmentations-repair skin
    4. Skin rejuvenation
    5. Exclude dirt

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