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  • Almighty Skin Inject Oxygen For Skin Rejuvenation
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    Almighty Skin Inject Oxygen For Skin Rejuvenation
    Part No.: BLS1095
    Packaging size:52*52*83
    Language: English
    Warranty: One year
    Feature: Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Whitening, Wrinkle Remover


    Voltage: 220V /110V
    Pressure output: 0.04Mpa
    Oxygen Flux:1-5L/min
    Oxygen concentration:≥90%

    Almighty Skin Inject Oxygen Function :

    1.Skin Tightening, Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover, oxygen infusion, spray and mask
    2.Scar removal: acne scar and scar caused by burn, surgery and laser treatment etc;
    3.Wrinkle removal: stretch marks, wrinkles around lips, eye area, eyebrows and neck;
    4.Skin rejuvenation: removes pigments and freckles; tighten large pores; cleans the skin completely,improves the flexibility and tone of the skin;
    5.Acne removal: removes acne, comedones and acne scar. Restrain dermatitis

    Almighty Skin Inject Oxygen Main Accessories:

    Oxygen spurter
    Bio wrinkle-dispelling stick
    High pressure oxygen injector
    Cleanse sucking pen
    Oxygen inhalation mask

    Importance of the oxygen facial nursing

    The oxygen treatment is the most healthy beauty treatment method. there is no blood vessel to delivery the oxygen in human’ epidermis layer. so all of the oxygen and oxygenic elements depend on the microcirculatory system of the dermis fat, which becomes less and less as the age growing. the scientists demonstrates that: when the person is in his middle age, the oxygen contained in the epidermis fat is half of his youth’s. if something can inject the oxygen into the bottom of the epidermis directly, it will effectively strengthen the activity to the cells and promote the metabolism. the oxygen treament injects the oxygen into the epidermis with the help of the pressure of the cell oxygen jet. the skin will be more young if it co-uses with the others’ beauty treatments.

    Procedures of the oxygen injection, oxygen spray, oxygen inhalation

    Oxygen spraying (Do with the lance boom)
    put the nozzle into the suited aquiform skin nursing product; press backward to spray and press downward to spray oxygen.(to choose the aquiform skin nursing product according to the difference customers’skin)

    Oxygen injection (Do with the nozzle)
    to choose the suitable essence according to the different skin. the jet can whiten and moisten the dry skin or thin the pore and control the grease of the greasy skin.

    Notice: turn the pressure to 2LPM when doing the oxygen injection. the time for the whole face to inject the oxygen is 30 minutes, and do it from the forehead to the chin. for the skin in the eyelid is much thin, try one’s best to avoid this place when doing the operation.

    Oxygen inhalation (Do with the facial mask)
    put pure water into the glass, open the oxygen delivery function, put the oxygen facial mask on the nose and inhale the oxygen. then do the mask-film nursing.

    Oxygen is required by all tissues to support cell metabolism; in acute illness, low tissue oxygenation (hypoxia) can occur due to a failure in any of the systems that deliver and circulate oxygen. Hypoxia is an indication to start oxygen therapy; this can be a life-saving intervention, but given without appropriate assessment and ongoing evaluation, it can also be detrimental to patients’ health ( multi-functional hydrafacial skin rejuvenation machine).

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