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  • Air Pressure Massage Pressotherapy Machine
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  • Air Pressure Massage Pressotherapy Machine BLS1207, Gas wave massage Device Body Slimming Suit for Salon, Air Wave Pressure Electro Muscle Stimulation Machine, Air pressure blood circulation leg lymphedema massage machine

    Air Pressure Massage Pressotherapy Machine Body Slimming Suit for Salon Technical Specification
    Part No. BLS1207
    Air bags 20 pcs
    Colour of machine white and Grey
    Colour of clothes Purple
    Operation 7 inches touched screen control, easy to operate
    Pressure 0.1MPa
    Voltage AC100-240V,50–60Hz
    Power 80W
    Packing size 62*42*31CM
    Gross weight 15KGS

    Size of each suites
    Arm length:47cm width:28-32cm
    Waist length:47cm width:34cm
    Leg length:62cm width:27—45cm
    Foot length:45cm width:15-22cm

    This product mainly has three major functions:

    1.Gas wave massage: The air bag breath in and breath out air regularly, which makes the air pressure change constantly,so the pressure begin to compress skin and fat.The compression and friction makes fat cells breaking and achieve the effect of fat reduction.The regular moving of the air bag promote lymph back flowing and activate the emmision of body toxin. Air Pressure Massage Device Body Slimming Suit for Salon

    2.Far infrared function: The infrared thermal radiation can directly have effect on fat tissue,which makes fat cells dissolve into liquid form,at the same time,it give off large amount of heat energy which activate blood,lymph cycle,promote metabolism,speed up biological and chemical reaction,consume ATP,and reduce fat.The thermal radiation makes the temperature of some tissues higher,which also contracts pore,give away wastes through sweating.The water contained in fat cells go into blood,so the volume of cells become smaller.

    3. Low frequency electro stimulation: By creating electric pulse to stimulate special points on the body, EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) can effectively regulate bio-electric and endocrine system and accelerate metabolism, reaching remarkable effect of weight losing and skin tightening.


    A. LCD touch screen,elegant in interface,easy in operation
    B. Single air inflation time can be adjustable,analog massage drainage way is flexible
    C. Medical grade standard design,the design flow is 20L/min, the pressure is 240mmHg
    D. The temperature of the red infrared radiation is regulated by PID Overall introduction
    E. Brand isolation transformer with high power output and bionic current with multi electric feedback regulation with isolated protection,ensuring absolute safely
    F. Inner-set 10-ways electrode wave output
    G. High safety,easy operation.The manual “Lymph detoxification” caring requires very professional beauty method,which is only operated by senior beautician in professional beauty salon.Otherwise ,direct damage to human body may appear,and it costs much.This instrument with easy.

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