Air Pressure Lymphatic Drainage Detox Machine

/Air Pressure Lymphatic Drainage Detox Machine
  • Air Pressure Lymphatic Drainage Detox Machine
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    Air Pressure Lymphatic Drainage Detox Machine Technical Specification
    Part No. BLS1207
    Air bags 20 pcs
    Colour of machine white and Grey
    Colour of clothes Purple
    Operation 7 inches touched screen control, easy to operate
    Pressure 0.1MPa
    Voltage AC100-240V,50–60Hz
    Power 80W
    Packing size 62*42*31CM
    Gross weight 15KGS

    Size of each suites
    Arm length:47cm width:28-32cm
    Waist length:47cm width:34cm
    Leg length:62cm width:27—45cm
    Foot length:45cm width:15-22cm

    Air Pressure Massage
    This system enables gradual and progressive drainage, similar to the one done by hand, by applying different pressure which can generate and exclusive sequences of operations by which it activates different areas which can be inflated.

    Special Suits
    New suits for pressure massage are divided into feet, stomach, hands; the suits can be adjusted according to the client’s height and arms and legs volume, with interchangeable internal air chambers.

    The air in the Beauty Air Massager is controlled by micro-processor, which enables for the quantity and air pressure inside the sector to vary as needed. Body Air Pressure Massage Machine

    By varying and proper pressure adjustment we get the air which is by its physiological nature peristaltic and which equally wraps the limbs like a wave, thus enabling the draining of interspatial liquids and its deposits, improving blood circulation and freeing up the space between the cells from waste deposits coming from them.

    The memory of Air Beauty Massager has got 4 working programs:
    1. Program 0 – draining action (lymph drainage)
    2. Programs 1, 2, 3 are programs which can be combined
    with muscle tension after sport activities
    with various forms of lymphedema

    Total personalization of all the programs
    Immediately visible circulation improvement
    Maximum comfort and relaxation for the client

    The pressotherapy includes 20pcs of air bags,each side 10 bags (bags location as following picture).The air pressure suites include arms,abdomen,waist,legs and feet massage.

    Three air pressure modes:
    Compression from limbs to center part
    Compression from center part to limbs
    All air compression bags work together