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/Pdt Photon LED Light Therapy Machine
  • Acne Removal Pdt Photon LED Light Therapy Machine
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    Acne Removal Pdt Photon LED Light Therapy Machine Specification:

    Part No. BLS1148
    Voltage AC110v/220v
    Frequency 1-30Hz
    Light color Red, yellow, green, blue, purple, laser
    Ray wave length 200-900nm
    Package size 66x76x125cm, 1 set/wooden box
    G/W 29kg
    Light source LED gene biology light
    Output wave
    Red 640nm±5nm
    Blue 470nm±5nm
    when wavelength is 640nm, the lightness =8000mcd
    when wavelength is 470nm, the lightness =8000mcd
    Area of light spot 350*240mm
    hand-held operating head Light skin beauty
    laser operating head Laser skin beauty
    Delivery time 5-10 days after receive payment
    Terms of payment T/T payment
    Warranty time 1 year
    MOQ 1 set
    Certificate CE
    After sales service Free accessories, video, pictures, technical service
    Function Remove Acne, wrinkle etc.
    Feature Non surgery

    What is LED Skin Rejuvenation?
    LED Skin Rejuvenation is the interaction of light, delivered through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), to activate cell receptors causing them to produce collagen or multiply. One of the original applications for LEDs was PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT), using photo-activated creams for the treatment of actinic keratosis and pre-cancerous lesions.

    Lights of PDT skin beauty and effects:

    1. Red Light

    The red light`s wavelength is 630 nm,it has characteristics of high purity strong light source,energy density well-proportioned,has notable effects in skin care,health care and cure,named as biologic active light.The red light can enhance the cells activity,promote cells metabolism,make skin excrete large number of collagen protein and fiber tissue to fill on their own,accelerate blood circulation,increase skin elasticity and improve withered and yellow.dark condition of skin.Then achieve the efficacy of anti-aging,anti-oxidation and repairing skin,has a effect that traditional skin care can not comparable. It is especially useful for people in sub healthy state,dry skin and allergic skin.What\`s more,the nursing process is simple and convenient,comfortable,moderate and affective.

    Main Effects:

    Whitening and lighten spot,tendering skin and dispel crinkles,repair damaged skin,Heal slender wrinkles,tighten pore,and proliferate collagen protein.

    Blue Light: Has a wavelength as 415mm,the blue light has the effects of restrain inflammation.Acne is mainly caused by acid bacillus;the blue-light can destruct these bacterial with no injury to skin tissue,decrease acne as much as possible,decrease and cure acne during inflammation period in very short time. Advice for period of treatment: Once every three days.15 minutes each time

    2. Purple Light:

    Red and blue light is the dual-band light,it combines both the effectiveness of light therapy. especially useful in treating and repairing acne and acne-acars

    3.Yellow Light:

    Supply energy for skin cells,promote gland effect,assist digestion,cure skin diseases and enhance immunity ability

    4.Green Light:

    Has the effects of neutralization,balancing and calming,it can ease strain,dredge lymph and useful in edema elimination

    5.Orange Light:

    Increase cells energy in proper sequence,it can accelerateme tabolism effectively Laser Light: Penetrate deep layer of skin,Accelerate active tissue\`s metabolism,decompose splash,improve fine lines and flabby skin. led pdt bio light therapy device

    Usage of  LED Light Therapy Machine:

    1 The absorb effect can be better if the nursing is in clean state of skin.

    2 Daub corresponding beauty products on skin need cared

    3 Keep the distance between LED light head and skin above 25cm

    4 Usage of small photon head:Irradiate skin about 10 minutes,then move from cervix to out canthus to forehead using the lifting method from the bottom up

    5 Usage of laser pen:The beautician holds laser pen to Irradiate skin where there are flecks and pigmentation parts

    LED Light Therapy Machine ACCESSORIES LIST: Red yellow blue green four color photon chimney 1 PCS Small photon head 1 PCS Laser pen 1 PCS Protective glasses 1 PCS Power supply line 1 PCS

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