6 in 1 Diode Lipolaser Vacuum Cavitation RF Slimming Machine

/6 in 1 Diode Lipolaser Vacuum Cavitation RF Slimming Machine
  • 6 in 1 Diode Lipolaser Vacuum Cavitation RF Slimming Machine
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  • 6 in 1 Diode Lipolaser Vacuum Cavitation RF Slimming Machine, Multi-Functional Beauty Salon Device BLS1190, OEM ODM 6 in 1 Vacuum rf Cavitation slimming lipolaser Beauty Salon Device machine, Portable Lipo Laser/ Cavitation/Multipolar RF/Vacuum Slimming Machine

    6 in 1 Diode Lipolaser Vacuum Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Technical Parameter:
    Part No. BLS1190
    Wavelength of laser 650nm
    laser type diode laser
    lipolaser pads 8 pads
    Number Of Diode 8*10=80 diode
    Maximum Output Power 400W
    Timer 30 minutes max
    Cavitation 40KHZ
    RF 1-5Mhz
    Voltage 110VAC~240VAC
    Product Size 42*60*38cm
    G.W 28KG

    1.Replacing and sumouning the surgery of attracting the fat;
    2.Tightening the flaccid skin;
    3.Promoting the speed of organism metabolism and accelerating the waste and the moisture extraction of the body;
    4.Reparing striae gravidarum;
    5.Relaxing themuscies,relieving the muscle spasm and alleviating the ache symptomof muscles;
    6.Losing weight of the whole body

    Hanldes detail:
    1.Body vacuum rf handle
    Make fat cells in fast active state, so that cells will produce friction heat, then surplus fat and vivotaxin of body inside can be discharged.
    2.Hexpolar rf for body
    Further dissolbe fat, help to expel the redundant fat and toxin out of body through sweat gland and hepato-enteric cirulation.
    3.40Khz cavitation
    With collective strong sound wave head, strong sound wave of 40Khz may be emitted to human body for impacting fat cells fiercely and causing friction motion between fat cells.
    That may cause effective consumption of calories and moisture in fat cells and reduce the size of fat cells. What’s more, sound wave vibration may cause fierce impact of fat cells to make them explode instantaneously, reduce the amount of fat cells and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat.
    4.Four polar RF for Face arm leg
    Dissolve fat; Lymph drainage; Tighten skin; Enhance skin elasticity.
    5.Three polar RF for Eyes
    Shrink pouches, dispel black rim of the eyes, relax eyes.
    6.Lipo laer pads for slimming
    The laser heat can stimulate the subcutaneous demal tissue collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia, make the treated area skin tighten and elasticity. 6 in 1 multi-functional beauty salon device

    1. Painless treatment focus RF energy at the correct position,compared to other radio frequency technology .it uses low energy and high frequency,safe and effective.
    2. Aim at the skin surface and deep location,using a complex method to control the different currents and energy,direct access to the different skin layer. Does not cause the phenomenon of uneven skin
    3. Selectively targeting fatty tissue,to avoid heating other fat,to achieve the fastest treatment effect
    4.The entire process is completed without the need of surgery and anesthesia.
    5. With the most useful 40KHZ ultrasonic cavitation system.
    6. Without side effects and the risk of gaining the weight back, the results are rather obvious. Does not affect the normal work and life.
    7. Color touch screen.

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