4in1 OPT Elight IPL RF Nd Yag Laser Multi-functional Beauty Machine

/4in1 OPT Elight IPL RF Nd Yag Laser Multi-functional Beauty Machine
  • 4in1 OPT Elight IPL RF Nd Yag Laser Multi-functional Beauty Machine
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  • 4in1 OPT Elight IPL RF Nd Yag Laser Multi-functional Beauty Machine BLS1036, OPT e-light ipl rf nd yag laser hair removal beauty machine, OPT Elight system hair Freckles spots removal whitening rejuvenation IPL RF Nd Yag Laser vascular removal acne removing wrinkle removing, pigmentation removal, Skin Rejuvenation , skin tighting 4 in 1 multifunctional beauty machine

    4in1 OPT Elight IPL RF Nd Yag Laser Multi-functional Beauty Machine Feature:
    Part No.: BLS1036

    vascular removal acne removing wrinkle removing pigmentation removal hair removal machine

    vascular removal acne removing wrinkle removing pigmentation removal hair removal machine

    skin rejuvenation hair removal multifunctional beauty equipment

    skin rejuvenation hair removal multifunctional beauty equipment

    Ice wave Pippi five functions

    OPT perfect pulse technology, to achieve rapid and effective safe and painless freezing point hair removal effect;
    At the same time can also remove stains, whitening rejuvenation, remove red blood, remove acne;
    In particular, it uses a laser can effectively remove a variety of skin pigments, eyebrows, freckle, go to the mole and swept the world’s black face doll laser pigment treatment system, the laser instantly fired high energy effective crushing the lesion in the tissue.
    Ice wave Pippi use radio frequency technology, the radio heat to the skin deep, so that collagen continues to new life, through the skin epidermis directly on the dermis layer, wrinkles were Tim flat, sagging skin becomes full and tight, flexible.

    4in1 OPT Elight IPL RF Nd Yag Laser Beauty Machine screen

    4in1 OPT Elight IPL RF Nd Yag Laser Beauty Machine screen

    Multi-functional Beauty Machine

    Acne, acne acne principle

    The use of short-band light to kill acne bacteria within the acne, and the use of red light, infrared light and radio frequency current combination in reducing sebaceous gland activity while eliminating chromophore, stimulate deep collagen hyperplasia, and thus achieve a good effect of acne treatment


    Due to the use of IPL and RF composite energy role of different depth, treatment does not rely on a single energy, so that treatment security IS guaranteed

    Whitening rejuvenation, remove red blood, freckle principle

    IPL technology and IPL and RF combination of two types of equipment to provide the principle: the use of IPL technology alone, the use of hemoglobin and pigment group on the selective absorption of light pyrolysis principle, the target tissue temperature, without damage to normal skin tissue, Is the premise of epidermal tissue, the target tissue necrosis to achieve therapeutic purposes.

    Using IPL and RF combination technology

    The use of skin tissue selective absorption of light caused by the target tissue and normal skin tissue impedance difference, in the case of low light energy, strengthen the target tissue to the absorption of RF current, rely on radio frequency to achieve therapeutic effect.

    In the treatment of epidermal plaques, remove the small red blood and whitening rejuvenation, the use of IPL technology and IPL and RF combination technology is very safe, but in the treatment of deep spots and thick red blood, IPL alone in the premise of ensuring safety The effect is minimal, and IPL and RF combination technology, the clinical manifestations of the security is more obvious.

    Wrinkle, pull the skin, to enhance the principle

    The use of IPL and RF combination technology, that is, E-ray use of electromagnetic waves and IPL thermal effects to provide the ideal temperature to stimulate the dermis layer, the entire dermis and connective tissue play a role in stimulating different depth of collagen fibers, so as to achieve wrinkle, And non-invasive effect of pulling the skin.


    Due to the main use of penetrating subcutaneous 15MM RF current acting on the dermis and the skin have a small impact, the main energy are applied to the target tissue, so high security

    Permanent hair removal principle

    E-light hair removal is a new long-term hair removal technology: filtered strong pulsed light easily for the hair and hair follicles in the melanin absorption and into heat, heat and hair follicles quickly heat up, when the temperature reaches 60 ° C or more When the hair split, hair follicle degeneration, hair nipple damage, hair growth cell death, and ultimately the original hair off, the new hair growth delay, thinning, light until no growth.


    In the use of IPL technology, based on the combination of the depth of the role of subcutaneous 15mm radio frequency energy, so that directly on the hair follicle melanoma cells absorb more energy, so the small, light, and even gold, white hair is very Good results.
    E light treatment range
    1. Hair removal: permanent hair removal, body throughout the hair (hair of the hair), including the lighter color of the small hair.
    2. freckle: get rid of freckles, sunburn, age spots, acne India, facial flaws.
    3. Rejuvenation: to improve the pores of coarse, rough skin, small wrinkles, restore skin elasticity.
    4. Treatment of telangiectasia: redness, facial flushing.
    5. to improve the dull, so that the skin white, uniform color.

    OPT IPL RF Nd Yag Laser use

    OPT IPL RF Nd Yag Laser use

    Multi-functional Beauty Machine Installer

    1. out of the box inspection: open the instrument outside the box, according to the packing list check the instrument accessories are consistent

    2. Power supply installation: Plug the power supply into the “power connector” on the underside of the instrument to ensure good contact. (Must be used with

    Ground three-hole power outlet, the voltage must meet the rated voltage of the instrument. )

    3. Foot switch installation: the foot switch four-core gap face up, align the interface into the clockwise direction can be tightened

    4. Filter board installation: select the appropriate filter inserted into the socket of the guide, be careful not to install anti

    5. Instrument water injection: First, the overflow hole on the sealing cap unscrewed, the water hole on the sealing cap to be tightened; and then pour the water bottle

    Into the water hole, squeeze the bottle by hand, the water into which (prepare enough pure water or medical distilled water)

    Automatic water injection

    (With enough pure water or medical distilled water) to insert one end of the pipe into the automatic water injection (drain) port, the other end into the water, and then turn on the power, boot, press the left behind the green automatic pumping button, this time the instrument screen Display, to be filled with water, the automatic stop, the screen display.

    Applications of Magnetic Optical Light System
    1. Firm and tighten lax skin
    2. Skin Rejuvenation,skin tighting
    3. Unwanted hair removal
    4. Superficial benign pigmentation removal
    5. Superficial benign vascular lesion removal
    6. Acne reduction

    Magneto-beauty equipment has many advantages, it can also improve a variety of skin defects?
    The treatment of magneto-optical beauty instruments breaks through the limitations of traditional localized lesions. So that the effect of cosmetic treatment to face every place. The magneto-rejuvenation instrument can also treat the following symptoms: telangiectasia, skin erythema, pigmentation, fine wrinkles, daylight damage, brown spots, large pores, whitening skin. In the clinical response, all patients with skin structure, fine wrinkles, irregular pigmentation spots, large pores and telangiectasia have improved. magneto-optical rejuvenation hair removal beauty equipment
    Comprehensive treatment of the skin to effectively improve the texture of the skin and restore the skin elasticity of the skin The formation of new collagen fibers produces a smooth tissue structure: thinner pores, thin lines and wrinkles reduced, and can be reduced to the limit – to make the skin more rich elasticity. 14 months after the excellent results, the patient’s positive evaluation. Many cases of treatment of the case, the magnetic beauty of the long treatment of technology.

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