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  • 360 Magneto-Optical Skin System BLS1045B, Multifunctional IPL OPT SHR Hair Removal Machine, IPL Elight SHR hair removal 360 magneto beauty machine, Multi-funcational Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Machine 360 Magneto Optic for Home use and Beauty Salon

    360 Magneto-Optical Skin System Technical Parameter
    Part No. BLS1045B
    Color: Pink + white
    Description Double handles 360 magneto IPL hair removal skin rejuvenation machine
    Voltage 110V- 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
    Machine screen 8 inches touch screen
    Cooling system Water + air cooling
    Power 2500W
    Energy density 10-50J/cm²
    Spot size 15*40mm
    Discharge Interval 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s (Variable)
    Probe tempreture -3°C ~ 2°C
    Pulse width 1-20ms
    OPT frequency 1-5p/s
    Counter handle Yes
    OPT SHR system Yes

    360 magneto-optical skin system principle is divided into two parts, one is the principle of photopyrolysis of the IPL pulse and the other is the strong magnetic energy. Magnetic light is an intelligent and non-stripping skin reconstruction system with the technology of epidermal cooling technology, magnetic energy and multi-band IPL. Magnetic light combines the above technologies to provide targeted treatment for different skin types and different skin problems. Under the premise of the full protection of the epidermis (epidermis cooling technology), the use of magneto-optical technology can be a unique decomposition of the epidermis and dermis pigments (such as: zygomatic brown glider, etc.), it could maximum focus to the dermal collagen tissue and hair follicles of the hairy nipples.

    Detail Function
    1.Painless hair removal
    2.Acne therapy
    3.Pigmentation removal
    4.Skin rejuvenation
    5.Wrinkle removal

    OPT hair removal:

    The light with long wavelength can easily pass through epidermis to the hair follicles in the deep part of the skin. At the targeted area, high temperature occurs to destroy follicles and hair shaft and prevent regrowth of new hair. Hair follicles includes a lot of melanocytes.
    The special light is sensitive to the melanocytes but not the same to the normal skin, therefore, the normal skin will be not harmed.
    The treatment is safe and effective.Melanocytes is absorbed through the light , which is transformed to the heat energy. Then the temperature of the hair follicles would rise. When the temperature rise to high enough, the structure of hair follicles is totally damaged.
    So the hair is removed permanently.

    Skin rejuvenation:

    Photothermic and photochemical action will be affected by the radiation of IPL, pigments is shattered and eliminated out of body by metabolism.
    Meanwhile, IPL will also give a boost to collagen production, which can make the skin more flexible and smooth and remove fine wrinkles.
    In a word, the facial blemish is caused by the pigmentations and telangiectasia ( Vascular Lesions). The light with particular wavelength can pass through epidermis, is absorbed selectively by the pigmentations and then the pigmentation is transformed.

    Magneto-optical SR HR:

    What is magneto-optical beauty?

    At present the most advanced high-tech beauty projects, the application of magnetic crystal to promote the role of intense pulsed light selective photolysis and the role of stimulating effect, directly according to the skin surface, without damage to the skin under the premise of freckle, hair removal, acne beauty effect.

    How does magneto-optic rejuvenation work?

    10-30 minutes before treatment, usually in the treatment area to be coated with cold gel, you may be required to wear dark glasses to protect the eyes from strong light exposure. Treatment, the magneto-optic rejuvenation treatment instrument light guide the treatment of skin, and began to release the pulse light. You may feel a little bit of hot feeling. No anesthesia. The entire course of treatment usually requires 4-6 treatments to achieve the best results, minimal side effects and high satisfaction. Each treatment takes about 15-20 minutes. 360 Magneto-optical Ipl Shr Facial Hair Removal Machine

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