2 In 1 Plasma Pen Plasma Shower Wrinkle Removal Eyelid Lifting Machine

/2 In 1 Plasma Pen Plasma Shower Wrinkle Removal Eyelid Lifting Machine
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    2 In 1 Plasma Pen Plasma Shower Wrinkle Removal Eyelid Lifting Machine Paramenters

    Part No.: BLS1249
    2 in 1 spot & acne removal skin lifting machine
    Input voltage 110-220V
    Output frequency around 15Hz-150Hz
    Output power 10-60W
    Package size 41*38*51cm
    Gross weight 11kg
    Operating pen 2pcs

    What is Fibroblast Master Pen?

    The Plasma Pen, also known as Plasma Lift Skin Tightening or Fibroblast Tightening, is a non-surgical device and technique that is used to tighten and smooth skin naturally. This device has been popular for many years in Europe and is now starting to gain traction in the United States for skin rejuvenation. 2 In 1 Plasma Pen Plasma Shower Wrinkle Removal Eyelid Lifting Machine

    This device is used to perform Fibroblast Therapy, which is a technique used to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. This promotes natural healing and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin.

    2 In 1 Plasma Pen Plasma Shower Wrinkle Removal Eyelid Lifting Machine, High Frequency Plasma Facial Lift Wrinkle Removal Mole Removal Machine

    Who Is A Good Candidate For Plasma Pen Skin Tightening?

    The best candidates for the Plasma Pen are patients who are looking to improve the appearance, volume, and elasticity of the skin. However, you may not be a good candidate for plasma skin tightening. The procedure is not recommended for patients who:

    Are experiencing a Herpes Simplex Virus outbreak
    Have a pace-maker installed
    Are pregnant or breast-feeding
    Have had Botox recently
    Are diabetic
    Have used Accutane within the last year
    Be sure to ask your doctor or aesthetician whether or not Plasma Pen skin tightening is the right procedure for you.

    What Can The Plasma Pen Treat?

    Plasma lift skin tightening can be used to treat skin on almost all areas of the body. However, it is particularly effective in treating previously hard to treat areas such as the upper and lower eyelids, and the fine lines around the mouth. It is commonly used to treat wrinkles and loose skin on the face, neck, and jaw line. The Plasma Pen can also be used for loose skin on the arms or the abdomen. This is also a great treatment option for reducing the appearance of acne scars, as well as other types of scarring. 2 In 1 Plasma Pen Plasma Shower Wrinkle Removal Eyelid Lifting Machine made in China

    How Does Plasma Skin Tightening Work?

    The tip of the pen creates a plasma energy arc which is then transferred from the tip of the needle to the surface of the skin. The tissues of the skin are sublimated, or modified, during treatment. The treatment is extremely precise, meaning that the tissues surrounding the area of treatment remain untouched and intact. This results in the tightening of the skin in the desired area. As a result of this, excess skin is reduced and the remaining skin is toned, tightened, and the wrinkles are reduced.

    This method of skin resurfacing creates a controlled skin damage, which activates the normal skin-healing process. This process leads to skin remodeling, which then improves various signs of aging.

    Unlike other methods of skin ablation, there are no open wounds during the healing phase. Therefore, there is minimal risk of scarring, infection or loss of pigmentation.

    2 In 1 Plasma Pen Plasma Shower Wrinkle Removal Eyelid Lifting Machine – Plasma Skin Resurfacing Results

    In most cases, initial results are visible immediately after treatment. In the first stages of healing, small dry spots called echars form on the skin and remain there for about a week before falling off. This is normal and temporary. Because the treatment stimulates the natural body healing process, it typically takes eight weeks to see the full benefits of the treatment.

    How Long Do Plasma Pen Results Last?

    The results of the plasma pen are permanent, because you have stimulated your body’s natural healing process. The treatment can be repeated as necessary to obtain the desired results. In most cases, one to four treatments will produce the most optimal results. After treatment, one will continue to age, but the results of plasma skin resurfacing are long-lasting.

    How is works?

    When the needle touch the freckle skin,it produce plasma with high temperature as 2000 ℃ immediately, and carbonize the spot freckle , then remove it.
    When the needle touch the freckle spot,it will produce a small flame which is different from common flame.
    The micro vascular will be solidified quickly without bleeding during the treatment.
    Then it will form carbon scabs protect wound skin from infection.
    After about 1 week, scab will shed without scar.

    What is ozone?

    The high frequency voltage is generated, and the oxygen in the air is electrolyzed to generate ozone.

    The role of ozone

    Ozone acts on the cell membrane of bacteria, causing damage to the membrane components, destroying lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane, changing cell lysis and death, thereby killing bacterial fungi and aphids in a very short period of time, and inhibiting inflammation, and the effect of acne is obvious. , ozone is reduced to oxygen after sterilization, There is no residue or secondary pollution, which is unachievable by any chemical system.

    Ozone plasma future and benefits

    A plasma ozone meter can be used in all parts.
    The epidermis did not have any wounds after the plasma ozone instrument was operated.
    Skin regeneration after plasma ozone operation.
    New collagen produced on the dermis after plasma ozone operation.
    The skin elasticity after the operation of the plasma ozone meter becomes better due to the production of new collagen.
    No pain, no scarring, no bleeding, no wounds, non-invasive operation, more convenient operation, safer and more effective.

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