10d MAXLipo Master Laser EMS Cryo Plate Weight Loss Machine

/10d MAXLipo Master Laser EMS Cryo Plate Weight Loss Machine
  • 10d MAXLipo Master Laser EMS Cryo Plate Weight Loss Machine
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    10d MAXLipo Master Laser EMS Cryo Plate Weight Loss Machine Product Parameter
    Part No. BLS1425A

    110V~220V, 50/60Hz
    Real Output Power
    Cooling System
    Air Cooling
    10.4 Inch Touch Screen
    Packing Size
    Gross Weight
    Lipo Laser
    Laser Lamp
    Continuous; Pulse
    Laser Wavelength
    532nm (Green Light) / 635nm (Red Light)
    Energy Output
    1-200mW (Continuous); 1-300mW (Pulse)
    Level 1-3 (adjustable)
    Rotation Speed
    Level 1-3 (adjustable)
    Treatment Area
    About 30mm*800mm
    Cryo Plate
    Cryo Pads
    EMS Pulse Width
    EMS Frequency
    Freezing Temperature
    -10 degree – 4 degree

    Treatment Ranges
    1) Eliminate excess fat in the abdomen, waist, back, buttocks, thighs butterfly sleeves, double chin, and more.
    2) Fast fat reduce weight loss; Skin tighten and lifting.
    3) Stimulate lymph drainage; lncrease cell energy.
    4) Rheumatoid Arthritis; Soft Tissue lnjuries; Pain Relief and Pain ReliefProduct Features
    1) 10D low-level laser therapy: 10 high-quality imported laser lamps to treat the whole body.
    2) 2 optional laser wavelengths: 635nm red laser and 532nm green laser can be chosen for body slimming treatment.
    3) 10.4-inch touch screen: Simple interface for easy operating.
    4) 180° telescopic positioning bracket: Flexible and adjustable scanning treatment angle.
    5) No downtime: No incisions required, so it will not affect the normal life.

    Theory(1) CryolipolysisCryolipolysis is an unique non-invasive method for the selective reduction of fat cells with controlled localized cooling. This fat freezing crystallization procedure makes fat cells under a process “apoptosis”. Non-vacuum application deliver a great comfortable cooling treatment without oedemas, bruising and skinniness caused by suction of criolipolisis vacuum cup.  10d Laser Ems Lipo Plus Laser Weight Loss Muscle Building Device(2) EMSElectrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation(NMES) or electromyostimulation, is a protocal that elicits a muscle contraction using electrical impulses that directly stimulate your motor neurons. The stimulation creates muscle contractions that can be quick and frequent, fat with long pauses, or contractions that are held for several seconds or minutes at a time. Red Green Light 10D Lipo Laser EMS Lipolysis Machine

    According to human neurology, 600 times electronic pulse currents per minute directly act on muscle nerve, can deeply reach the fat body, stimulate the most intensive neuro to induce muscle to generate shrinkage exercise. In the rapid active state of fat cells, the local fat layer is sufficient exercise, the body’s basal metabolism is improved, and the effect is still continued within 24 hours after use. The kinetic energy is transformed into slimming energy, quickly eliminates human fat, and achieves more slimming effect than traditional methods, and tightens the curve of the whole body.(3) LaserWith the 532nm/635nm cold source laser, the 10 adjustable laser lamps target the fat cell beneath the treatment areas, creating a temporary pore within the fat cell, the fatty liquids can drain out of the cell, the volume of the fat cell is reduced. The fatty acids and glycerol will be flushed out naturally though lymphatic metabolism.  10D Laser HIEMTSURE HIFEM Maxlipo Master 8d Lipolaser Laser Ems Machine

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