1064nm 1320nm & 532nm Tattoo Removal Nd Yag Laser

/1064nm 1320nm & 532nm Tattoo Removal Nd Yag Laser
  • 1064nm 1320nm & 532nm Tattoo Removal Nd Yag Laser
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  • 1064nm 1320nm & 532nm Tattoo Removal Nd Yag Laser BLS1154, 2000 mj Q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal 1064nm/532nm/1320nm, 10hz 500W 1500m Q Switch Nd-Yag ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal, Nd:yag laser tattoo removal freckle removal for beauty salon use

    1064nm 1320nm & 532nm Tattoo Removal Nd Yag Laser Technical Specifications
    Part No.: BLS1154
    Laser type:High energy Q-Switch ND:YAG
    Output power:500W
    Pulse energy:2000mj
    Width of pulse:1-10ns
    Cooling system:Semiconductor+water circulation+fans
    Input power: 100-120V/50HZ,220-240V/60HZ

    Nd:YAG laser / Tattoo Removal Nd Yag Laser :

    Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) is a crystal that is used as a laser medium for solid-state lasers.
    The triply ionised neodymium dopant typically replaces a small fraction of the yttrium ions in the host crystal structure, since the two ions are of similar size.
    The neodymium ion provides the laser activity in the crystal.

    Nd:YAG laser has a wavelength of 1064 nm and has the capability to reach deeper layers of skin tissue than other types of lasers.
    In Q-switched mode, Nd:YAG produces 2 wavelengths, one in the infrared range (1064 nm) and a second beam of 532 nm wavelength which is useful for superficial skin lesions.
    Q-switching refers to the technique of making the laser produce a high intensity beam in very short pulses.
    1064nm wavelength is ideal for treating darker ink colors (black, blue, green) and the 532nm wavelength is effective against brighter ink colors (red, orange, yellow, brown, violet). Tattoo Removal Nd Yag Laser, nd:yag laser tattoo removal freckle removal

    How Many Sessions Will I Need To Remove My Tattoo?

    The number of sessions needed to remove a tattoo depends on three factors: the age of the tattoo, the color of the ink, and the density of the ink.

    Age: Older tattoos can be removed with fewer treatments than newer tattoos. A black ink tattoo that is 10 years old may take one or two treatments fewer than a 1 year old black tattoo. A 20 year old tattoo may take two to three treatments fewer than a 1 year old tattoo.

    Color: Certain colors are more easily removed than others. Black and red tattoos are the easiest to remove. Orange, yellow, pink, purple, brown, and
    other shades are slightly more difficult to remove. The most difficult colors to remove are light green, light blue, and teal/turquoise. During the Free Consultation we will discuss the number of treatments you will likely need to remove certain colors.

    Location: Because tattoo removal depends on the body to flush away the shattered ink particles, areas of the body with less circulation often take
    more time to show results. The toes, fingers, ears, and nose are areas that may show slower results.

    Ink Density: Shading in a tattoo is easily removed. Some tattoos with letters use shading to fill in the outlines of the letters. Some tattoos with
    certain designs use shading for clouds or other visual effect. Shading will be removed in only a few sessions in most cases.

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