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  • 1060nm Diode Laser Body Sculpture Equipment, Professional Aesthetic Non-Ablative Sculpture Slimming Machine, 1060nm Diode Laser System Hyperthermic Technology, 1060nm Diode Laser Body Contouring Beauty Machine,  Sculpsure body shaper slimming machine for beauty salon / clinic use Chinese factory supplier

    1060nm Diode Laser Body Sculpture Equipment Parameters:
    Part No.: BLS902V
    Treatment time 25mins
    Handpieces 4
    Laser type diode laser
    Wavelength 1060nm
    Power density 0.5W-2w/cm2
    Power modes pulse
    Operate interface 10.4 inch Super size intelligent color touch screen
    Cooling system Freon compressor refrigeration+water+air+fans
    Power supply AC 200V-240V,50/60HZ
    Packing size 130*68*88cm
    Packing weight 156KG

    1060nm Diode Laser Body Sculpture Equipment Working Principle:

    1060nm diode laser body sculpture is a laser-based and non-invasive treatment, which will be used to target and reduce or eliminate fat cells directly. It works for both men and women and on a variety of body types. One procedure takes an average of 25 minutes and can target multiple areas at one time.
    1060nm diode laser system adopts non-invasive body contouring hyperthermic technology, which uses 1060nm laser and mainly targets the adipose tissue to reduction of stubborn fat in area, such as arms and abdomen. It is not like traditional weight loss way . 1060m diode laser is really fat loss technology to decrease the fat cell numbers permanently.
    In brief, decrease the number of fat cells, rather than just make fat cells smaller!

    Principle of 1060nm Sculpsure Diode Laser, Lipo Laser Slimming Machine Sculpsure Diode Laser 1060nm
    using the 1060 nm wavelength laser, heating human subcutaneous adipose tissue, cause adipose cell damage, which in turn induce apoptosis makes clear apoptosis of fat cells are the body’s immune system, so as to achieve the aim of reducing weight namely directional hot dead fat cells, the body’s fat cells number is fixed, only cells is the excess energy intake as human body produce bigger fat cells;Change character the adipose cell of human body achieves fixed number commonly after adult, how to reduce weight again also is the volume that contracts adipose cell only, once stop reducing weight, adipose cell greatens, the person can fat go back again.


    · Non-invasive
    · Less time involved
    · Less procedure involved
    · Comfortable feeling, no pain
    · No side effects
    · Stubborn body fat removal
    · Permanent results

    Features of 1060nm Diode Laser Body Sculpture Equipment:

    1. Non-invasive body sculpture
    2. Fat cells removal
    3. Especially for abadomen, thighs, arms, saddle bags, belly fat etc.

    Advantages of body shaper slimming machine:

    1. Non-invasive technology, non-damage to surrounding tissue.
    2. Advanced and powerful cooling control system for comfortable & safety treatment
    3. Stable high energy output ensures treatment effect.
    4. Adjust height of handpiece by using electric lifting lever

    How the Sculplase treatment is performed?

    Before your procedure, the doctor will mark the target area(s) and take pre-procedure photos.
    In the procedure room, you will be positioned on a comfortable treatment table and the applicators will be placed on the target area(s).
    When the treatment begins, you will initially feel a cooling sensation, followed by intermittent waves of warmth.
    The warming sensation is an indication that the SculpSure laser is in the fat destruction mode. 1060nm Lipolaser Sculpsure Laser Machine for Sculpture Cellulite Removal
    After the treatment is completed, you are free to return to work or home and resume normal activities.
    There is no post-procedure garment to wear. There is truly no downtime with this procedure.  Professional Aesthetic Laser 1060nm Non-Ablative Sculpture Slimming Machine


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