We registered Bellezastars trademark and brand which will definitely guarantee our good quality and professional service,increase company’s intergrity and customer’satisfaction and trust.we place an order to the manufacters directly to OEM / ODM our products as International quality standard, and expand our research development of beauty equipment. At last, we will achieve the perfect Combination of research development, production, marketing and after sales service.

Bellezastars specializes in custom beauty & health machine and customised medical aesthetic devices solutions production with quick and accurate turnaround. We can driving cost improvements through design.

We are the perfect partner for innovative businesses looking to maximise performance, improve design and reduce costs. We have the expertise to tackle the most challenging of beauty and health care applications, working with clients to understand their project then design develop and produce a value adding solution.

Having the full package of services in-house gives us full control over costs and planning thereby ensuring we deliver projects on time and within budget.

Manufacturing Capacity: Ningbo Bellezastars Co.,Ltd. can produce custom beauty & health machines in large volumes and retain inventory for just in time delivery, as well as small one-off projects.

Lead Time: Normal lead time for customer’s OEM / ODM beauty & health machines or devices  is 3-6 Weeks.

Meticulous OEM / ODM: Save time, money, and frustration by producing the entire product with one supplier.