Choose Laser Hair Removal Machine or IPL Machine?

There has never been a better time to start your Laser Hair Removal Business. Since the late 90s the laser business has been a booming industry. People are forgetting about wax pots and opting in for an easier and less messy treatment. Yes it’s a lot easier but it needs to be done correctly using a good machine with good training, otherwise it can be a hazard! There are many machines out there and trying to find the best or possibly the worst can become a task. Every salesman and every supplier wants you to buy their machine. But why should you choose one over another? Well here is a list below which you should consider.

1) Price! Price is an important factor when it comes to investing, but the most expensive machine does not always mean that it is the best. Many companies are profiting from huge margins selling just a few machines a year, in fact it can be a huge downfall when your machine breaks down, and the lack of innovations when it comes to a less popular model. On the other hand a cheaper machine could be a problem for your business in the future if customers are not getting good results or you’re not getting support from the company.

2) Celebrity and Magazine Endorsed: Don’t look at celebrity endorsed products and think that it is the make or break of buying a system. It costs as little as $1,000 to get endorsements from celebs. And the wrong image could hurt your brand if your clients are a different sort of people. Look for value, not for cheap or expensive.

3) So what boils down to a good system? A good system is from a company that innovates. The one that continuously improves on design, technology and the raw material of the machine itself. Remember that machines in the year 2016 is not the same as a machine in 2001. The oldest brand may not be the best, and the newbies to the market may have allot to learn. But a good system is something that will suit your business model with the correct technology involved.

4) So what do I look out for in a machine? Look closer at the technology and the way the treatment is being carried out. Is it easy to use? Is the machine easy to clean? Is it a laser or IPL? What is the add-on technology, after all a laser is almost just a laser, but the add-ons are the things that make a huge difference. Is the technology up to date? How fast is the system? Is the design and size of the machine suitable for your clinic? We’ve seen machines out there a size of a house! Are we still in the 90s using brick sized phones that just make calls? We suggest taking a closer look.

5) Is it a one man band? Is it a company? Or is it a corporation? Look out for the company’s factory establishment and not just a fancy rented office in the city centre or a nice looking stand at a beauty show with a couple of salesman. We’ve seen pop up salesman travelling all over the country, reselling cheap machines for extortionate prices. The companies or salesman don’t build the machines, they’re just a middle man making huge profits on reselling. It’s always better to buy from factory direct as you will get a better price and support. You don’t know how long the middle man will be around for, and before you know it, you are left with a machine that nobody know where to get it serviced.

6) Bad mouthing other companies: If one company badmouths the other company, this is usually a sign of unprofessionalism. Yes they want you to buy their product, but bad mouthing; which is most likely giving you inaccurate information about other companies is usually a sign that they themselves are an amateur. Why not ask the competitive company for the same question yourself to see the response and make your own judgement.

7) Buying abroad from China: Buying at a bargain can be a good thing, but it’s not always that plain sailing. Sending cash or transferring money to someone you don’t know or to an on-line company can be risky. If the product is not as it seems, you do not get any customer’s protection if the company is abroad. But despite all this, getting your hands on a great system is very difficult.

Things are cheap for a reason, there is a saying, “buy cheap, buy twice”. I have come to understand that there are great products from China, especially an I-phone (this is made in China), but it is backed up and designed by a multi-National company with the highest quality control, which we know as Apple.

For beauty machines in the US and the Europe, many customers struggle to get a license or insurance as there is nobody to service a foreign machine. Training for the machine is not recognised or up to scratch with standards. CE, TGA or FDA marking alone is not enough when it comes to getting a license. 90% of local authority will not accept a foreign system, and your customers will not like to do treatments with an unknown machine.

Many businesses who buy an unknown brand end up having something that is not fit for purpose.

8) Results: Results are the key to success! If your customers are getting bad results, you are slowly killing your business. It is important to use a good system, and a system that works well in every aspect. The Training and Treatment Technique also play a huge part in the business. You can buy inadequately on a pair of shoes or buy inadequately on a microwave, but a rule of thumb is never to buy inadequately for your business. You will kill your business and this can never be reversed!


As it is important to have a good laser machine or a good IPL machine, but a good laser training is a must. Weather you are interested in laser hair removal training, tattoo removal training IPL training or laser lipo courses. We cover everything to do with lasers, so contact us today and let us help you find the most suitable laser machine for your business. Not all Laser is better than IPL, vice versa, not all IPL is better than laser. Contact our sales experts, and we’ll answer all the questions for you!

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