Tattoo Removal Vertical Picosecond Laser Machine

display screen 10.4 inches of true color touch screen
output mode picosecond laser
treatment wavelength 755nm, 1064nm,532nm(1320nm optional)
refrigeration system air cooling and built-in closed cycle water cooling
frequency 1-10Hz
pulse width 550-800PS
pulse energy 1064nm(50-1600mj) ; 755mm (40-1200mj) ; 532nm(20-800mj)
handle 7 guiding beam arms
facula size 1-10mm facula adjustable
power 2000W
color blue black
packing aluminum alloy box
weight 115kg
packaging size 94x56x125mm
date of delivery 5-7 working days
payment TT or Western Union
transportation DHL,FedEx, TNT,EMS,UPS

The picosecond laser tattoo removal machine can remove tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, tattooed eyeliner, tattooed lip liner and other pigmented skin lesions such as dispelling nevus, freckles, seborrheic keratosis, stains, post inflammatory pigmentation, chloasma and more.

 Tattoo Removal Vertical Picosecond Laser Machine

Tattoo Removal Vertical Picosecond Laser Machine


1. The rate of pigment removal is high and faster: A 2000MJ single pulse energy is greater than other traditional equipment, and the 10Hz light frequency and light speed are faster, allowing the pigment to break into smaller particles, with an effect 5 times greater than ordinary lasers.
2. Does not hurt the skin: the specific 755nm wavelength is only against melanin, and it will not damage the normal skin.
3. Three wavelength technology: 755nm, 532nm, 1064nm three wavelength laser system output- different wavelengths are more pertinent to skin pigmentation problems. 1064nm for dark eyebrow tattoo, tattoo, pigmentation, freckles. 532nm for color eyebrow tattoo, tattoo, shallow spots and diluting the birthmark. 755nm for age spots, chloasma, freckles, sunburn, black nevus.

Principle of treatment

The hive picosecond laser is based on selective photothermal effect principle, and uses a picosecond laser with a specific wavelength of 755nm, thus using its powerful energy moment without harming the skin in the case of selective breaking of the skin surface, and breaking the deeper pigment into small particles. By the swallow of phagocytic cells and lymphatic system metabolized out of the body to achieve the purpose of clarifying freckle.

BELLEZASTARS is a reliable picosecond laser tattoo removal machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly design and make laser beauty equipment and fat reduction device. The picosecond laser machine together with other laser beauty machines, have wide applications like skin resurfacing, skin care laser treatment, hair removal, laser tattoo removal, skin lifting and tightening, etc. BELLEZASTARS beauty machines mainly use IPL, RF, ultrasound and laser source, continuous effort make us provide quality picosecond laser beauty machine with competitive prices.

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