Vanquish ME – Permanent Fat Removal and Body Sculpting

Always at the forefront of the newest, scientifically proven medical and cosmetic dermatology treatments, Olympic Dermatology is proud to be the South Sound’s exclusive provider of Vanquish ME, the fastest, most powerful yet comfortable, procedure for permanent fat elimination and body sculpting.

We added Cellutone to our Vanquish ME body contouring, fat elimination treatments for stomach, upper back, love handles, hips or thighs. MAXIMIZE your results with a Cellutone treatment to increase circulation and reduce cellulite, NOW included in all Vanquish ME packages for FREE. You must purchase Vanquish ME series to receive Cellutone treatment with each session at time of service.

Vanquish is an FDA approved, non-surgical treatment that literally melts fat permanently and contours your body painlessly, without downtime.

It works to help men and women of all ages lose several inches on the stomach, upper back, love handles, hips or thighs. See it in action:

Live treatment on The Doctors
Real patient success on Dr. OZ
Whoopi Goldberg says it’s fantastic
New Dad Alex loses his love handles

Vanquish ME – Permanent Fat Removal and Body Sculpting

Vanquish ME – Permanent Fat Removal and Body Sculpting

Why choose Vanquish?

At Olympic Dermatology, we deliver medical excellence and an outstanding treatment experience.
There is no downtime. While patients may experience minimal side effects after the treatment such as mild redness, tissue tenderness or warmth, these side effects last only a short time and have no direct impact on your everyday life. You can return to your daily routine right after the treatment.
It’s a quick procedure. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to perform the entire treatment session.
Lasting results. You may start to see improvements in your appearance just days after your first treatment session. The treatments are effective even without a strict diet or exercise regimen. Patients become newly motivated to stay in a good physical as well as mental shape. Your results will last as long as you maintain your current weight and healthy lifestyle.
It’s comfortable. There is no pain associated with the treatments. Some patients describe the procedure as a spa experience; many of them close their eyes and relax, even nap, while others enjoy reading a book or magazine.

Patients have incredible success with Vanquish:

Leslie melted fat and lost inches on her stomach and upper back
Sia’s expectations were exceeded
Anne loves how she looks in her bikini

What is Vanquish?

It’s the latest innovation in non-invasive, non-surgical technology harnessing the power of safe thermal energy. Specifically designed to redefine your core and transform your thighs, Vanquish treats problem areas by targeting deep tissue layers without damage to your skin or surrounding muscle or organs. The breakthrough Vanquish technology selectively heats stubborn fat cells just enough to allow cell breakdown, transforming them into waste that the body naturally eliminates.
Before Vanquish Treatment After Vanquish Treatment
Vanquish-b1 Vanquish-a1

Who should try it?

The treatments are safe for men and women of all ages who are showing signs of aging or want to improve those problem areas where exercise and diet have plateaued. This is also an option for those who are looking for the aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.
How many treatments do I need?

Depending on the condition treated, the typical number of treatments is between 2 to 6 sessions over the course of a few weeks. Treatments are usually scheduled 7 to 14 days apart and patients have reported results as soon as a few days after.
What kind of results can I expect?

Results naturally vary from person to person but most patients report visible improvements after the second treatment session. For best results, it’s recommended to follow the in-between treatment instructions, maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

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