SMAS RF Multifunctional Beauty Equipment Technical Specifications: 



10.4 Inch Color Touch Screen

Handpiece quantity


Tip size

25mm X 8mm / 40mm X 8mm

Tip material

Titanium alloy

Handpiece connection

Fast connected

Energy level scope

1-10 (Adjustable)

Energy density of high frequency electricity

7 J/cm-70 J/cm3

Pulse width of high frequency electricity output

Recommended mode 4-5s (Default) /

Customized mode

Skin penetration depth

1.5mm / 2.5mm / 4.0mm

Energy level scope of refrigeration

1-10 (Adjustable)

Refrigeration temperature scope of tip


Power supply

AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz/


Rated input power


Net weight




SMAS RF Multifunctional Beauty Equipment

SMAS RF Multifunctional Beauty Equipment


1.SMAS RF Skin tightening
2.Face lifting & shaping
3.Wrinkle removal
4.Double chin removal
5.Improve facial relaxation
6.Increase skin elasticity
7.Improve skin tone & rejuvenation
8. 360℃ Face Skin Care

SMAS RF Multifunctional Beauty Equipment Working Theory

SMAS RF Multifunctional Beauty Equipment Working Theory


1. Multiple frequency: 3 different radio frequency adjustable;
2. Two handles: 25 X 8 mm and 40 X 8mm spot size adaptable to different parts of face;
3. Treatment result: Skin tightening instantly, face shaping and wrinkle improvement with more and more healthy tone and elasticity;
4. Precise penetration depth makes treatment more safe: Different frequency energy can treat different depth of skin layers and specially can work on SMAS fascia layer directly. (1.5mm / 2.5mm / 4.0mm)

SMAS RF Shaper Machine

SMAS RF Shaper Machine

Technical Principle

SMAS RF Shaper adopts three different radio frequencypenetrating into different skin layers: Epidermis, Dermis(1.5~2.5mm), Hypodermis, Fascia(3.5~4mm) ,specially directly working on SMAS fascia layer in a invasive way which only plastic surgery can treat nowadays;

The thermal effect of radio frequency acts on the collagen fiber and makes it heated which achieves the abvious and instant results of shrinking,rebirth and rearrangement of collagen;

Meanwhile three different radio frequency can precisely work on and improve the subcutaneous structure from deep to light layers and build a new network of collagen fibers.That greatly helps aged and impaired collagen layer regain recovery and elasticity as well as makes skin lifted and wrinkle improved.

SMAS RF Shaper Machine Treatment Handles

Machine Treatment Handles

SMAS RF Multifunctional Beauty Machine Parts

SMAS RF Multifunctional Beauty Machine Parts

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