Professional Hair Removal OPT IPL Pico Laser RF Machine

Product specification of this hair removal beauty machine
Product name OPT/IPL+pico Laser+RF
Laser Wavelength 532nm 1064nm 1320nm
OPT energy 1-2000j
power 2000W
spot size 8mm*40mm
cooling system semiconductor /wind /water refrigeration
Input power 220V+-10% 50HZ-60HZ

Working Principle:

Freezing hair removal depends on the principle of selective photothermolysis, freezing hair removal hair follicle sites produce high heat, thereby undermining the structure of the hair follicle, to hair removal. Freezing hair removal device with contact cooling head, so that the heat can be limited to damage hair follicles, while allowing the heat can be spread from the epidermis, in these cases, skin damage and can not be reached from thermal damage, it will not feel pain.

Professional Hair Removal OPT IPL Pico Laser RF Machine

Professional Hair Removal OPT IPL Pico Laser RF Machine

Advantage of the OPT:

1. Adopts the newest OPT ( Optimal Pulse technology )SHR technology, it can continuously shot for fast hair removal (SHR),1 second emits 5 to 10 flashes (adjustable),and you can slide the treatment heads on the skin very quickly back and forth, So fast and virtually painless.
2. All internal parts and machine rear cover adopts Stainless Steel Framework and Modular Design for more gorgeous appearance, long lift time ad more stable working. Machine case with ABS materials for more stable working. Special designed cooling system ensures constantly working.
3. Imported True 3000W OPT super big power guarantee enough power input and assure more effective treatment and more longer working time.
4. OPT SHR Function and Normal IPL Function ( PR , SR , HR , WR ,AR ) with 6 filters. Large spot size for easier and faster body hair removal treatment.
5.New multifunctional beauty machine with advanced technologies (OPT SHR&IPL&RF, Bipolar RF, Nd: Yag Laser), 2 operating screen,easy operation: the 8.4 inch TFT True Colorful Touch screen for E light and Bipolar RF system, and the 5.7 inch LCD Blue screen for Laser system. You can do the E light / Bipolar RF treatment and Laser treatment for customer at same time in 1 machine to save time and cost.
6. The Germany imported square instant “plug and play” connector, safe and easy to install.
7. The intelligent Water temperature Alarm System. Special technique, automatic energy adjustable system.
8. 100% imported sapphire crystal of Real -5℃more incomparable comfortable, and safety.
9. 6 kinds languages for free choice, and we can design the needed language.

The range of IPL treatment:

(1)Everlasting hair removal:remove unwanted hairs under arms,on legs ,lips or other body part,etc.
(2)Pigmentation treatment:remove various kinds of pigment such as freckle,chloasma,aged spots,sunburn,etc.
(3)Telangiectasis treatment:treat angiotelec-tasis.
(4)Acne treatment:papule,tuber,Blain,acne,etc.
(5)Shrink pores,tighten skin,improve skin elasticity and glossiness.
(6)Eliminate and smooth wrinkles,acne treatment.

The principle of Laser

Use an intense beam of light to significantly lightenor completely removal your tattoo.When the ink particles of your tattoo absorbed through your body’s natural cleaning mechanism.This cleansing process generally takes a few weeks.Larger ink particles may require multiple treatments.

(1).1064nm laser can penetrate into deep layer of the skin,so it is easilly absorbed by blue,black and green color pigment;therefore,it is very suitable to treat the pigment disease in the dermal layer.For example,getting rid of tattoos,eyebrow,Ota’s nevus and pigmented disease.

(2).532nm laser can penetrate into light layer of the skin;therefore,It is very easily absorbed by the brown,red and deep-brown color pigement.For example,eliminating freckles,pigment spots and other light-color tattoos.

The range of Laser treatment

(1).Remove kinds of colors tattoo.
(2).Remove pigment spots,birthmark etc.
(3).Dispel age spot and beauty spots etc.
(4).Acne scar removal.
(5).Mole removal.
(6).Lip liner removal, Eyeliner removal.

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