Nose Hair Grooming For Men

Nose hair is frequently overlooked frequently forgotten and constantly annoying when left to just run wild and go ungroomed. The last time the video creator shot a video they were demonstrating how to tweeze, shape and trim your own eyebrows.

For those who missed it, there’s a link in the description, so that you can go and check it out. Now with eyebrows, just how much you groom and to what extent you shape really is dependant on individual preference and genetics.

The question in addition to if you need to manage it, it’s what tool you are going to use to do it. Now, unlike back hair, chest hair, crotch hair, you can cover with clothes, nose hair it isn’t that way. It’s always in your face and it is not like skipping a shave.

Nose Hair Grooming For Men

Nose Hair Grooming For Men

Alright, if you forget to trim your nose hair, it really is similar to bad breath- as soon as somebody notices it’s all, they can think about. It really is kind of gross and it is completely distracting. Everybody knows that feeling- all right you are going about your day, everything is good and you’re, like ‘man, they kicked ass today, what a great day’ and then you look in the mirror, and you see it it’s hanging there.

How long has it been there? Five minutes. Five hours.

Has everybody you have been in contact with seen this and not had the courage to tell you that you got a cliffhanger hanging out of your nose?

So today they figured they would review the different options, the advantages and disadvantages so your nostrils are always looking sharp.


Number one is getting your nose hair waxed- the upside is it really is extremely fast and effective, and that one of the downsides.

It isn’t a precise science- plus it hurts a lot and costs between 10 to 15 dollars.

Power Options

The next option is purchasing a battery-powered nose hair trimmers- the upside it really is moderately fast and part of that speed is due to the incredibly fast rotations of those blades, which in turn leads him to one of the disadvantages of electric nose hair trimmers.

It’s that unless you get a fantastic one and great ones are very difficult to get, the majority of you buy a cheap one and you stick it up your nose and it tears- it does not cut it tears the hairs from your nose and nostril.

The option the YouTuber bought- there’s a blade and you spin it and it rotates, but instead of a battery, it’s actually manually powered.

It arrives with an awesome little travel case and a brush to brush it out when you are done. You stick it in your nose, hold it still and spin and the little blades go around and it cuts the hair. It is extremely effective.

Now there is a learning curve with this. The first time They used this, They didn’t know how to use it. They didn’t watch a video, They just bought it and They put it up there and They start spinning. The way to use them, in general, you stick it in, you hold it still with your one hand and you spin, and then you move and spin it but don’t drag it since it will pluck hairs. But if used correctly, it’s a great option.
Manual Tools

And the last option that They are going to talk about is actually using nose, hair trimming scissors. These types of special scissors- check out the tip of these scissors in the video.

They are rounded, meaning that you aren’t going to injure yourself or stab yourself when you stick them in your nose. The upside once you buy these you have them and you may utilize them for other grooming rituals like eyebrows, facial, hair, mustaches and they are not that pricey.

The upside is you have amazing control.

One of the downsides though it takes a tiny bit longer and you do not get as close as you do with some of the electric or the trimming methods.

Removing On-Nose Hair

But before they go, there’s one other aspect of nose hair grooming, that they would like to talk about that no-one else is speaking about.

For those of you who do not have this issue, you’ll have no idea what they are speaking about. Lucky you for those of you who do not suffer from this like they do, then you’re going to be happy they discussed it, and that is the little black hairs that grow on the top of your nose.

It is extremely common in men that have really dark hair and they personally suffer from it. They get these little black hairs that grow out of the pores of their nose.

Now from a distance, you cannot see them, but if you get all up in it, you will see them.

To clean it up, they recommend using facial, hair wax strips and here’s how you do it- you remove a wax strip.

Put it in your palm and you rub it all right- this is going to heat up the wax. Get it nice and hot and when you’re done you’re actually going to peel it apart and then you are going to lay the wax over the tip of your nose, smooth it down and then peel it off.