High Power Focused RF Thermolift Face Lifting Machine BLS1306


Item Thermolift face lifting machine
Item No. BLS1306
Voltage AC110V/220V
thermagic head 2types head changable
frequency 50/60HZ
power 55VA
RF frequency 5MHZ
RF output power 25W
Payment TT/Western union/alibaba trade
packing size 33cm*30cm*105cm

Thermolift is a new generation of Isreali non-invasive anti wrinkle technology, breaking the traditional, completely non-invasive, which applies advanced radar navigation and positioning the patent technology to make advanced focused RF energy penetrated to the dermis and SMAS layer that traditional surgical lifting to reach. It makes collagen protein to immediately shrink and stimulate them regeneration and reorganization, then construct a new collagen fiber network. Three dimensional improving skin supporting structure from deep to shallow. A single operation can get firming skin, lifting face and removal wrinkle, immediate effect, which beyond the majority of non invasive firming project.

High Power Focused RF Thermolift Face Lifting Machine


—Erase wrinkle tighten skin:Forehead wrinkles, eye round fine lines, a maze of crow’s feet nasolabial sulcus, peri-oral wrinkles, cheilogramma, neck, hands, body all kinds of wrinkle.

—Facial contour shaping:Facial relaxation, double chin, chin brow vertical curve and brow, small eyelid tightening.

—Systemic anti-aging, slimming, shaping:Arm tightening and shaping, back tightening and shaping , breasts shaping, waist and abdomen tightening.


High Power Focused RF
Apply with strong “Focused RF” technology, accurate heating, layered anti-aging, Interval heating depth focus.

Positioning and Navigation Tech
Radar positioning and navigation technology, three-dimensional reconstruction of the skin support structure from deep to shallow, significant result after only one treatment, 3 – 5 years long lasting treatment effect.

Intelligent identification
Intelligent recognition the collagen and cellulite, without damage to other normal tissues.

No consumables, cost-effective
There is no need to change the treatment tips regularly. Not like the HIFU machine, thermolift handpiece does not have limited using shots, you can increase the operating times freely.

Tailor made, individual skin beauty
The operation scheme of the traditional anti-aging is single. Thermolift has more vregulated variable, and according to the different parts of the body, skin structure, develops personalized solutions, more perfect effect.

Thermolift Radio Frequency Focused 40.68MHZ Beauty Device

Thermal Lifting Face Lift & Wrinkle Removal Machine

Focused RF 40.68MHz Skin Firming Facial Wrinkle Removal Thermolift

Thermolift Radio Frequency Focused 40.68MHZ Beauty Device