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Face Queen HIFU Face Lift Machine Working theory

Face Queen mainly use the principle of sound waves high-energy focus (ultrasonic principle) to focus energy at one point, rapidly penetrates epidermis, fat layer, fascia layer, forms mesh condensation point in fascia layer, stimulates tissue contraction and regenerates collagen.
It will have two effects, one is immediate effect, it will immediately show the effect of 10% to 30% after operation.
Another is regenerative effect, namely collagen regeneration. Focusing ultrasound technology, with focus temperature of about 65 to 70, which is the most suitable for collagen regeneration. Simultaneously the circulation cooling system operates on the skin surface, users will feel comfortable and achieve the effect of skin tightening in the cold, safe and comfortable conditions.


1)Wrinkles removal, aging collagen repair, and new collagen regeneration acceleration.
The effect of wrinkle removal is obvious in the area like eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin, also helps to enhance the overall relaxation profile.
2)Anti-aging, the skin becomes delicate and smooth.
3)Skin tightening, It is obvious for eyelids drooping, tightening chin skin relaxation.
4)Erase dim dull, rough and other signs of aging, reproduce healthy and beautiful skin.

Face Queen HIFU Face Lift Machine

Face Queen HIFU Face Lift Machine

Operation System: Ultrasonic
Place of Origin:Ningbo, China
Brand Name:OEM, OEM, wrinkle removal device
Certification:CE RoHS, CE
Feature:DEEP CLEANSING, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover, Anti-Puffiness, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover
Application:For Commercial & Home Use, For Commercial & Home Use
Function:face lift
Type:Anti-wrinkle Machine
Keywords:hifu face lift machine

Face Queen HIFU Face Lift Machine BLS1258 Parameters:

Ultrasound frequency 4MHZ
Ultrasonic output mode high-energy focusing
keywords hifu face lift machine
Depth of focus 1.75mm,3.15mm,4.75mm
Operating handle working time 62000
Cooling method semiconductor water cooling + air cooling system
Atmospheric pressure range 86.0kPa ~ 106.0kPa
Power supply 200-240VAC, 10A, 50-60HZ


1)Safe and painless, non-invasive, non-anesthetic, no injection, no recovery period, it will not cause skin damage.
2)The effect is good, can be effective with a single use, with the continued collagen regeneration after use, it will continue to show more perfect results in 1 to 6 months after use.
3)A variety of probes, corresponding to multiple parts, so that each part can get the best conditioning, and achieve the best results


1)After using the instrument, the skin may be dry, pay attention to skin moisture.
2)After using the instrument, do not over exposure, do not use irritating cosmetics.
3)After using the instrument, do not eat irritating food, avoid spicy and fried food.


1) Pregnant or may be pregnant;
2) People who have done other beauty surgery;
3) People after surgery;
4) Pacemaker users;

Professional Wrinkle Removal Face Queen Anti Aging Machine